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Outdoor High-Security Digital Motion Detector Module.


  • Impact and temperature resistant casing (-35°C to 50°C / -31°F to 122°F)
  • Patented Digital Motion Detection
  • Extremely reliable and false-alarm free
  • Dual Optical Filtering System
  • UV protected lens
  • Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
  • Digital Dual Opposed Detection
  • Multi-level sensitivity adjustment
  • Two operational modes (Bus or Relay operation)
  • Can be used with the Heavy Duty Outdoor Swivel Bracket (MG-SB85W). Click here for more information
  • This Paradox outdoor digital motion sensor combines advanced features and patented technologies to provide a higher level of detection and false alarm prevention. Patented 100% digital processing and animal immunity make for higher accuracy and performance
  • This outdoor detector features a weatherproof, impact and temperature resistant casing with functional range from -35 to +50 Celcius. It features dual opposed sensors and has a UV protected lens. It also uses patented animal immunity up to 40KG(90 pounds) and has a 35ft x 35ft coverage area with a 90 degree viewing angle.

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