Surge Protection

The majority of all surge-induced damage is caused by surges and spikes traveling along unprotected video, data and power lines. These surges originate from a wide variety of sources, including static charge buildup and lightning strikes. Left unprotected, video and data lines expose cameras, digital video recorders, network video storage devices, monitors, A/V components, and other network equipment to damaging electrical transients. The Nitek range of surge protection equipment provides protection for both IP Networks and Analog Systems; including individual video, data lines, and power lines including network lines, coax cables, and more. Inserting surge protection in your video system and connecting it to earth ground prevents back-door surges from ruining your system and prevents downtime.

Analog CCTV Protection

Analog CCTV surge protection is specifically designed as in-line lightning and surge protection when used in closed circuit television applications. The protectors are easily installed with standard BNC connectors and must be connected to good earth ground for proper protection

Network Surge Protection

Network surge protection devices offer an additional layer of investment protection in mission critical network installations. Surge suppression is handled with balanced arrays of high-speed surge handling electronics that divert excess energies created by electrostatic discharges, faulty wiring or lightning away from network interface connections.